Aleksandar Dj. Petrović born in Belgrade 1956.
Graduated on The Faculty of Applied Arts 1983. in the class of prof. Zvonimir Veber.
Before, during and after graduations, engaged in painting, graphic design, ceramics, scenography, animation, modeling, furniture design and production, music….and as a final choice, water, moving water, fountains and water arangements.

Periodicaly he took part in group exibitions “Zlatno pero” and “Oktobarski salon”.
2003.,2004.,2005, 2006.. 2007. he took part in “Majski salon” exibition.
2005. Individual exibition in “Singidunum” gallery, Belgrade.
For 24. years he is exibiting on Belgrade International Furniture fair, as well as on the Horticultural, Small bussines and Hotel Management and Tourism fairs in Belgrade.
From 1977. Member of UEUS (Serbian Association of Musicians).
From 1984. Member of ULUPUDS (Serbian Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers).
1985.-1986. Employed as a furniture designer in “Simpo” furniture factory.
1985.-1989. associate of “Siro” and “Multistyle” factories from Austria.

From 1986. he has a status of a free lense artist.

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